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As we all aware that the security token offering is a popular crypto crowdfunding mechanism. The security token offering is implemented in the crypto space to facilitate fundraising operations in more reliable and secured manner. The STO platform supports a real-time asset value for fundraising. The security tokens are generated for crowdfunding based on the real-time asset value. The platform supports different types of security tokens which include.

Debt token

Equity token

Asset token

In short, the debt token comes up with the concept of raising funds on the agreement of interest. Similarly, the asset token can be generated based on real-time asset properties including a real estate property. Whereas the equity token can be generated based on particular shares.

The tokens are actually created on the blockchain to carry out complete crypto crowdfunding activities such as website creation, white paper, and smart contract creation.

How to launch an STO platform??

Before initiating the crowdfunding campaign, create the security token in order to raise funds for your business. Create a whitepaper defining a business project idea and create a smart contract for crowdfunding. The mentioned factors can be done effectively on the blockchain, in order to Create a Security Token for your crowdfunding campaign.

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