NFTs have been around for years, but they only started to receive mainstream attention in recent months. However, as it stands, most non-crypto users don't know that they can buy NFTs. Their use cases were limited to the crypto space or niche scenarios for a long time. Today, we are seeing more and more use cases cropping up that have much broader appeal.

With the rise of NFTs, marketplaces have emerged that allow users from all walks of life to buy and sell NFTs easily. Recently a few NFT Marketplaces like XANALIA and OpenSea started offering credit card payment options for NFTs.

I think that credit card buying options will be an excellent way to attract the mainstream crowd to the NFT Market. This has opened up a whole new world for non-crypto users who may not have any understanding of cryptocurrencies. As these marketplaces become more accessible and easier to use, the number of people buying and selling NFTs will likely grow.